Represented by Klowden Mann Gallery, L.A.


phone: 310 428 4860

2011 - CalArts, MFA
2004 - Carnegie Mellon University, BFA


2016 - Arts for All Grant Recipient from the Cultural Council
2015 - Wyoming Arts Council Fellow, sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts
                                                                                                                              Solo Exhibitions

2017 (upcoming)
Klowden Mann, Thomas Macker: Holdout, Los Angeles, CA
Center for the Arts, Thomas Macker: Holdout, WY
The Nicolaysen Art Museum, Thomas Macker: Holdout, WY
MINT, objectvoid: Thomas Macker & Andy Kincaid, OH
Neon Heater, objectvoid: Thomas Macker & Andy Kincaid, OH
Klowden Mann, (Asterism), Los Angeles, CA
Gallery KM, (sign) [show] {trade}, Los Angeles, CA
Loft Gallery, Art Assoc., From/For All Our Failings, Jackson, WY
Acre Projects, For All Our Failings, Chicago, IL
D300 Gallery-CalArts, For All Our Failings, Valencia, CA
Teton Artlab, Western Heritage, Jackson, WY
Lime Gallery-CalArts, Remote Sensing, Valencia, CA

 Selected Group Exhibitions

Level Gallery, Oil & Gas, Dallas, TX
University of Wyoming Art Museum, WAC Biennial, Laramie, WY
In The Pines (ITP Space), Hunter Time: Daniel Barroca, Harry Dodge, Mala Gina, Thomas Macker, Yoshua Okón, Courtney Stephens, Allan Sekula, Ben Tong, curated by Arjuna Neuman, Jackson, WY
The Center Gallery, Human/Kind Episodes, Jackson WY
Beirut Art Center, The Animals - with Allan Sekula, Rachel Rose and Arjuna Neuman, Beirut, Lebanon
Wyoming Art Party, Art Association of Jackson Hole & Lander Art Center
National Museum of Wildlife Art, Shift 20/20, WY
Alexys Schwartz Projects, The Delta, West Hollywood, CA
Mike Kelley’s Studio, Intimacies, Curated by Alex Segade, Los Angeles, CA
Reversevent: Lucas Blalock, Sam Falls, John Houck, Calvin Lee, Thomas Macker, Arjuna Neuman, Michael Ray-Von, Albert Samreth, Esteban Schimpf, Cody Trepte, Grant Willing, Joe Zorrilla, 1128 5th Ave, Venice, CA 2010 Teton Artlab, The Super Volcano III, Jackson, WY
Project Space, Nueva California, Santa Monica, CA
D300 Gallery-CalArts, Wild Ones, Valencia, CA
D301 Gallery-CalArts, There’s Something in the Way, Valencia, CA
New York Photo Festival, Various Photographs-Curated by Tim Barber, Dumbo, NY
Heaven Gallery, You Rule Me, Chicago, IL
Shotgun Space Gallery, Turn, Los Angeles, CA
Kenilworth Club, Harold Summer Equinoganza, Chicago, IL
Cliff Dweller Club, Somber and Bright, Chicago, IL
Heaven Gallery, HAROLD, Chicago, IL
Andy Warhol Museum, AMP Exhibition, Pittsburgh, PA

 Curatorial Projects

Physico/Electro: DIY and 'Maker' Art (Adrienne Adar, Mike Fleming, Daniel Kent, Andrew Neumann, "BBQ Dave" Sheinkopf, and Roopa Vasudevan), Art Association Gallery, Jackson, WY
On/Off: Virtual Art in Real Life (LaTurbo Avedon, Peter Burr, Eric Fleischauer, Jason Lazarus, Sara Ludy, & Brenna Murphy), Art Association Gallery, Jackson, WY
Cudelice Brazelton, Valerie Green, Lee Hunter, Ryan Thompson: Village of/For Things, ITP Space, WY
Arjuna Neuman: Hot Forest, ITP Space, WY
Michael Ray-Von: Opening a Social Orifice, ITP Space, WY
Vanessa Maltese: wallwallwallwall, ITP Space, WY
Nicolas Grenier and Travis Diehl: Downwelling & Shadow Spills, ITP Space, WY
Akina Cox / Rachel de Joode / Gracie DeVito / Anne Vieux: After the Spectacle, ITP Space, WY
"BBQ Dave" Sheinkopf: Paint it Forward, ITP Space, WY
Robin Juan: In Good Taste, ITP Space, WY
Greg Stimac: Lost Spike, ITP Space, WY
Northwest Contemporary (curated by the Nicolaysen Art Museum’s Lisa Hatchadoorian, the Missoula Art Museum’s Stephen Glueckert, the Aspen Art Museum’s Jacob Proctor and the Boise Art Museum’s Sandy Hawthorn), Art Assoc. Gallery, WY
Benjamin Funke: Relapsed, ITP Space, WY
If Not At All: Ed Lavino, Art Association Gallery, Jackson, WY
Nueva California (Kean O' Brien / Ben Driggs / Grant Ernhart / Esteban Schimpf), 2614 Pico Blvd., CA

Art Fairs

Photo LA, Los Angeles
Miami Project, Miami
artMRKT, San Francisco
Art Platform, Los Angeles
NEXT: The Invitational Exhibition of Emerging Art, Acre Projects, Chicago
NFO XPO, Harold Arts, Chicago, IL
NEXT: The Invitational Exhibition of Emerging Art, Harold Arts, Chicago

 Selected Publications

(sign) [show] {trade}, In The Pines Books, 2013
JH Review, Spring Issue, 2011
The Collector’s Guide to Emerging Art Photography, Humble Arts Foundation, 2009
Various Photographs, Tiny Vices, New York Photo Festival Catalog, 2008
Harq, Issue #1, Harold Arts, 2008
The Independent, Arts Feature, “Shifting the arguments over gender control”-Vice/Ctrl.Alt.Shift, 2008


2010 ACRE Residency, Steuben, WI, 
2008 Harold Arts Residency, Chesterhill, OH

 Selected Bibliography

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Teton County Library and Center for the Arts, Into the Arts (Two part lecture series)
Center for the Arts, Conversation with Janet Bishop (Curator of Painting and Sculpture at SFMOMA)
Culture Front Live, (sign) [show] {trade}
 West Virginia University, College of Creative Arts, (sign) [show] {trade}